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The one must-ask question for all property buyers is whether the property they are interested in acquiring has all the very essential  facilities and amenities that make living comfortable. For Amaia Scapes North Point, we can give you a 100% assurance that once you are here, you have access to numerous facilities and amenities that will make living enjoyable. In fact, this whole area has been receiving both local and international tourists because of its incredible scenic beauty.

Amaia Scapes North Point is one unique place you can never complain about it for being far from whichever facility or amenity you would like to use. If you have a family and would like to give your kids the best they can get then get a house and lot now in this recently completed investment. In fact, it’s the best place for children. The community here is welcoming, and there are numerous facilities that will make your kids happy. You won’t have to take them anywhere to enjoying their favorite leisure activities. Amaia Scapes North Point House & Lot property provides them with:

•    A Swimming Pool

•    A Spacious Playground

•    A Basketball Court

•    Enjoyable and Relaxing Playing Environment

Unlike other areas which may not be suitable for children especially during some seasons such as when there are heavy rains, the Amaia community is flood-free. Your kids will, therefore, enjoy their favorite sports throughout the year. Moreover, they will also enjoy a beautiful environment courtesy of patio greens which are attractive scenic spots. In fact, these are the best photography grounds for families to enjoy their gladdest moments. That’s why missing to get a house & lot here when it’s now available is a big blow to your dream of owning a home in a beautiful place. That aside, there are other amenities that you’ll find on this site. They include the following:

•    Complete Drainage System

•    Exclusive Entrance and Exit

•    24/7 Water Supply

•    Shuttle Services

•    A Tree Lined Spine Road

•    A Perimeter Fence

•    Patio Greens

•    A Complete Village Patio

The Amaia Scapes North Point is also a few kilometers from the best hospitals and schools in the area. If you finally acquire a house and lot in this beautiful place, you’ll be near some of the best hospitals including Doctors Hospital and others. Your kids will also have a chance to attend the best schools in the region including St. Scholastica Academy and many others. As a caring parent, your priority would be, of course, to give your kids the best education and medical care. A good living environment that gives you access to all these amenities is Amaia Scapes North Point.

We all use facilities and amenities when making an evaluation of a place to find out if it is suitable for investment. No one would want to live in a place that’s isolated and lacks the necessary facilities and amenities that make living worry free. To live the life of your dreams, get a house and lot right away in Amaia Scapes North Point. You will have all you need at your disposal. Everything is available for you and being part of the Amaia community gives you the inspiration you need to develop and achieve your dreams.

  • Exclusive Entrance/Exit
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Patio Greens
  • Village Patio:
    • Playground
    • Swimming Pool
    • Basketball Court
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
  • Continuous Water Supply
  • Complete Electrical & Drainage System
  • Flood-free Community
  • Shuttle service from Ayala North Point entrance to Amaia Scapes North Point
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